Study-Specific Trainings

Study-specific trainings usually refer to trainings that are explicit to a particular clinical trial that will be conducted on-site. This usually includes training on the study protocol, any specific laboratory procedures, any specific instructions for completing the CRF, etc. Sponsors / CROs usually offer study-specific training before the start of the study during IM (investigator meeting) and SIV (site initiation visit).

For swift conduct of study it is necessary that the research staff is efficiently trained on the protocol procedures, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and applicable regulations in order to avoid any kind of unwanted pitfalls.

Study-specific training is a vital but often underestimated component of the training process for site staff. One of the many challenges for the trial manager is to ensure that the research staff is properly trained without compromising the rapid start of the study, the quality of the training, the ethical compliance, the GCP and the running costs.