Kick-Off and Investigators’ Meeting

A Kick-off meeting is an important part of initiating a project for improvement in practice. It symbolizes the official start of the project. Kick-off meetings are when the sponsor and the CRO of a specific protocol gather all their staff members to discuss the start of the study and the overall strategy. Monitoring plans are usually discussed at these meetings.

An Investigators` meeting is a time for everyone involved in a new clinical trial to meet face to face and learn about the study, including learning about the roles there. This is essential for building and maintaining solid communication throughout a study, as it keeps the study more personal. Having an open discussion about the scientific basis of the study and the study drug is a good way to educate investigators, while engaging their professional side and helping them feel part of the sponsor’s efforts to bring the study drug to the masses.

The ability to network is often cited as one of the most important benefits of attending such meetings. Building a sense of community by bringing people together can provide better coordination between them.