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As we enter the month of December, GCT has prepared a special Advent Calendar, to celebrate the festive spirit and important industry events that took place in 2023! We invite you to join us on a daily journey of discovery, where each day you will find a fact, a quick quiz, or some useful tips in relation to the world of clinical trials.

Throughout 2023, researchers have continued to explore new and innovative approaches, including immunotherapies for cancer, gene therapies for genetic disorders, and advancements in precision medicine. There has also been a growing emphasis on patient-centric approaches, focusing on participant diversity, informed consent, and ethical considerations in clinical research. At the same time, regulators all over the world were actively refining their regulations related to clinical trials to make it more transparent and straightforward. Let’s recap the most significant news and changes and celebrate the spirit of exploration, innovation, and hope as we count down to a healthier tomorrow!