Hotel St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, Russia
2019, May 27 – 31

The «White Nights» International Ophthalmology Congress is Russia’s leading event for local, regional and international Ophthalmology professionals.

The Congress, founded by the Chair of Ophthalmology, St. Petersburg Medical University and the Regional Association of Ophthalmologists, is devoted to the new technologies of treatment for glaucoma; cataract surgery; corneal and conjunctival dystrophic-degenerative disease treatment; neuro-ophthalmology; pharmaceutical and surgical treatment of retinal and choroidal vascular disease; orbital pathology; refraction surgery; vision correction and other therapeutic, technological and research aspects of the modern Ophthalmology.

The Congress takes place annually in St. Petersburg, Russia, in late May, during the White Nights arts festival, a spectacular tourist attraction.

Lasting about a week, the Congress program is rich with lectures featuring the World’s Ophthalmology opinion leaders, various training sessions and entertainment.

Every year the Congress attracts well above 2 000 participants from all over Russia, Europe, Middle East and Americas.

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