Leading tau experts will convene online for the Tau2022 Global Conference to collaborate and discuss key issues impacting the tau research community. This fully virtual conference provides a forum for members of academia, industry, philanthropy and government to:

Discuss tau-based biology, biomarkers, therapeutics and phenotypes.
Attract talent and funding to the study of tauopathies, particularly among early career researchers.
Increase interdisciplinary alignment and collaboration around challenges in tau research.

Attend Tau2022 to take part in the following sessions:

Phenotypes and Subtypes, featuring Bruce Miller, Chiadi Onyike, Gesine Respondek, Jonathan Rohrer, Diana Matallana, Suzee Lee and Julie Schneider.
Biomarkers and Diagnosis, featuring Yakeel Quiroz, Oskar Hansson, Renaud La Joie, Charlotte Teunissen, Suzanne Schindler, Jeffrey Dage, Anne Cohen and Gal Bitan.
Genetics, featuring Alison Goate, Jennifer Yokoyama, Jessica Rexach, Kathryn Bowles, John Crary, Peter Heutink, Celeste Karch and Gerard Schellenberg.
Biology, featuring Bess Frost, Li Gan, Ghazaleh Sadri-Vakili, Rick Livesey, Mahmoud Maina, Maria Spillantini and Hui Zheng.
Therapeutics, featuring Stacie Weninger, Matt Troyer, Mirek Brys, Claire Clelland, Lennart Mucke and Reisa Sperling.