Thursday, November 9 is the day to celebrate achievements and raise awareness of how quality, internal systems and processes’ improvement can make a resounding impact on company reputation and profitability. When applied to organizations, quality is always an outcome — a trait of a product or service provided to a customer.

GCT has passed over 60 external project and system audits, and can boast its QA system, which is based on:

✔The strict implementation of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

✔Continuous training of personnel including assessment and compliance controls;

✔Internal audits at appropriate time intervals and audits conducted by our clients;

✔Implementation of a CAPA system with root cause analysis and careful follow-up, as a way towards the improvement of our Quality assurance system.

✔Established Vendors’ qualification process.

✔SOPs are documented for all tasks and services and review.

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