Irina Ryzhkova gave speech during White Nights Oncology Forum 2017.

On June 25th GCT Legal Director, Irina Ryzhkova gave a speech on the topic «Clinical trial Agreement: involved Parties, key terms and conditions» during round-table discussion «Clinical Trial Methodology for anticancer pharmaceuticals». The speech unfolded regulatory aspects of contracting the sites emerging during clinical trials execution in Russia. Such sharing of best practices was met with great interest and subsequently led to multiple questions from the audience, which were coming both during the formal part and informal talks afterwards.

If you are in need for regulatory support for upcoming clinical trial, please share your details on

Anna Kuzmicheva, BD Director, and Irina Ryzhkova are also proud to meet a leading StPetersburg oncologist and forum organizer Artem Poltoratskiy from N. N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology. Looking forward to the next year’s event!

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