Vladimir Seredyuk

Dr. Seredyuk has joined GCT QA team in 2014. Vladimir is a licensed physician with 10 years of experience in different areas of clinical research. Following the award of his medical degree in the Medical-Military Academy n.a. S.M. Kirov in St.-Petersburg, Vladimir has accomplished a special course of English at Defence Language Institute and then an Officer Basic Course at US Army Medical Center & School in San Antonio, Texas. After a few years he decided to start a career in clinical research and became CRA for one of the Eastern European CROs. Holding different positions, Vladimir has successfully passed a number of EMEA and FDA inspections and completed the auditing course to become a QA professional.

Vladimir is currently in charge of overseeing all components of the quality process related to clinical trials that GCT conducts. During his time with the company, Vladimir has improved the existing and added new standard operating procedures for trial execution and overall company operations, provided regular trainings on ICH GCP and study specific trainings; he is closely involved in investigator and site pre-assessments and selection process for all projects. He has just the set of skills that are highly valuable in the compound process of clinical research: he is ready to multitask, reacts rapidly towards finding the solution to any situation, is creative and determined yet carefully contemplating the consequences. Dr. Seredyuk is not only carrying out internal audits for company’s trials, but is also engaged as an independent auditor by Sponsor companies to inspect the work of other CROs and sites. Whenever necessary, Vladimir is able to provide Project Management support to GCT clinical team due to the experience in wide range of therapeutic areas, including the company’s core areas of Neurology, Oncology and Gastroenterology.

GCT is a dedicated team of professionals whose mission is raising the quality of life for people by providing access to new medicines and therapeutic options via conducting clinical trials in the regions of Eastern Europe and Russia. I am very happy to be a part of our team and to be able to help improve my colleagues’ performance by staff training and assurance of highest quality standards of their job on each level.

Vladimir is multilingual; he speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, Esperanto and knows some German. He likes to spend free time with family, playing and exploring new places with his 13 years old daughter and 4 years old son. He is keen on active sports such as mountaineering, while after a good hike entertains his friends and family by singing and playing guitar next to the fire under the stellar sky.