Ms. Veronika Goriachikh, an alumna of Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy joined GCT in 2013 as a clinical research pharmacist for projects conducted by the company in Russia. In pursuit of expanding her qualification, Veronika completed a special course on logistics and customs procedure for clinical trials, and shortly after that she was appointed Head of Russian Central Depot at GCT.

Veronika’s responsibilities include coordination of the import of IMP, medical devices and supplies for clinical trials, provision of support on the export of biological samples from Russia to Sponsor’s Laboratories around the world, — all in compliance with Good Storage Practice, Sponsor/Manufacturer guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures, and applicable national standards.
Veronika continues her professional growth with the company by participating in relevant trainings and audits of the 400 sq. meters warehousing facility, which she operates. An important part of her responsibilities is a thorough evaluation of all possible complications and IMP-related delays which can result in unplanned expenses for the Client. Following the outcome of such evaluation, GCT team communicates potential issues to Client and undertakes the necessary measures to prevent them. For local CRO projects it is crucial to have on staff a highly skilled and competent member of the team, such as Veronika.

Work at GCT is a rewarding, fulfilling and intensive learning process for me. It is an opportunity to be a part of a strong professional team. From day one, I find it very appealing to work in the clinical trials industry and I am pleased to know that the result of my work and our team’s effort helps patients with unmanageable and orphan diseases to improve their health and quality of life.

Veronika is a keen lover of art and photography, and living in the “cultural capital” of Russia allows her to visit the most famous and remarkable exhibitions. She enjoys spending her time with friends playing live-action quest games, going for nature outings or to the cinema. In the summertime she picks up her windsurf and enjoys a nice breeze of the Gulf of Finland.