Yesterday Hyatt Regency in Dubai, UAE, opened its doors to welcome the participants of The ‘World Congress on Alzheimer’s Research and Therapeutic Advances’ held by Aquilus International and Alzheimersmeet committee.

GCT President, Dr. Jeffrey T. Apter  gave a speech on the topic “Current Trends in Disease Modifying/ Preventive Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease”.  He highlighted the latest techniques how to reduce AD influence and fight the disease.

Being a KOL in Alzheimer’s disease with 40+ years of experience, Dr. Apter has conducted a couple of hundreds CNS clinical trials and he continues to lead cutting edge psychiatric R&D programmes. Dr. Apter is internationally renowned principal investigator in CNS field. He was recently assigned New Jersey Top Doctor Award 2018.

The Alzheimersmeet – 2018 is organized with the aim of presenting and discussing frontier research in the fields of medical, biological, chemical and physical sciences, serving as a platform to exchange ideas, establish connections and develop new solutions. The theme of the event is “A Discussion For Developing Advanced Knowledge on Treatment Mechanisms, Processes and Recovery Methodologies Associated with Alzheimers Disease“.