April 22-28 is the Multiple Sclerosis Week. We hope that as a society, we will become more aware of this condition, as it is the most widespread disabling neurological disease in the world.

Simply put, Multiple Sclerosis is a problem in communication between the brain and the rest of the body that is cased by the nerve damage.

Some of the symptoms of MS include lack of coordination, numbness of one or multiple parts of the body, vision problems, and slurred speech. However, they vary greatly from person to person. If you or your loved one has any of the symptoms, visit a doctor for the diagnosis.

The cure for MS hasn’t been found. Nevertheless, there is an abundance of medications and treatment techniques that help patients manage the symptoms and reach a long-term remission.

One of GCT’s main therapeutic focus areas has historically been Central Nervous System. Our CRO has conducted numerous studies in CNS diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis. Following the latest updates in the MS treatment, we are optimistic about the future of the research and drug development for this condition.