Sergiy Nayda

Dr. Sergiy Nayda is the eldest Sr. Clinical Research Associate in the company. A pediatric physician, he completed his internship in anesthesiology and intensive care therapy prior to joining GCT Ukrainian team as a CRA back in 2008. The first project assigned to Sergiy was an Acute Ulcerative Colitis study involving 15 clinical sites throughout Ukraine. In parallel Sergiy was involved in a Phase III Breast Cancer study.

During the following years Sergiy has achieved extensive experience and deep knowledge in various late-stage clinical trials. While working on a complex dementia study, he was responsible for monitoring 150 randomized patients in Ukraine and 50 patients in Russia, which helped Sergiy to develop comprehensive communication skills within a big team and fast paced environment. He has thorough approach to the SDV process and is very attentive to details. Participation in multiple audits has contributed to his understanding of applying GCP and other clinical trial regulations in real life situations.

For me GCT stands not only for “Global Clinical Trials”, but also for “Great Cooperating Team”. Taking the chance to collaborate with professionals and interesting people motivates you to go forward, constantly improving your work-related and personal skills. It is also very important that the achievements are always appreciated, adding to the overall company result, like a competition where instead of competitors you have partners. To summarize my feelings, I can only say that joining us is the best way to succeed!

Since January 2012 Sergiy was promoted to a Senior CRA position and appointed to work on a complicated preterm birth prevention study. In 2013 another step forward for him was undertaking the responsibility of communication with Ukrainian Regulatory Authorities. Performing such tasks as initial submission, safety and annual reporting allowed Sergiy to expand his professional knowledge to different aspects of the clinical trial management.

Sergiy lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, with his wife. He enjoys spending time with his family at their summer house, travelling both around Ukraine and abroad. Sergiy is a hi-fi enthusiast who leads an audiophile lifestyle, including attendance of the audio exhibitions, hi-fi forum meetings, installing and tweaking of audio equipment.