Dr. Samer Hilan leads the Bulgarian office in Sofia, and acts as a Project Manager for studies conducted in the country since 2014.

Samer is a Medical Doctor with over a decade of experience in clinical trials industry. Following his graduation from the Medical University of Sofia in 2001, he received a PhD Scholar and pursued his education at the University of Rostock — Institute of Physiology, Germany, further completing the residency training at University Hospital Aachen, Germany.

During his career in clinical research, he got to be involved in all the essential parts of a drug development cycle – from drug discovery laboratory, to the work in the field with patients as CRA and SCRA, from assurance of adherence to the protocol to providing pharmacovigilance support at the UK based CRO — he gained a pervasive knowledge that he uses in his current Project Management position. Dr. Hilan’s therapeutic expertise varies from Neurology to Cardiology and Endocrinology and his skills in the pharmaceutical industry include among others GCP, CTMS, clinical development, EDC and regulatory.

I started my work in clinical research in basic research, where the first step of new candidate medication development starts from proving its activity in laboratory settings. Now I enjoy participating in the most consuming stage of the development where the drug is proved useful in patients. This last stage requires a company that can meet the challenge like GCT. The most important advantage at GCT for me as an employee facing various study needs is that I have an immediate access to decision making persons at the company, which makes dealing with the challenges fast and effective and the whole company flexible and adaptive to the client’s necessities.

Samer is fluent in Arabic, German and English above Bulgarian. He loves to travel and is a car enthusiast, participating in sport car shows and events. Samer is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he lives with his family.