April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. It can develop on the tongue, the tissue lining the mouth and gums, under the tongue, at the base of the tongue, and the area of the throat at the back of the mouth. It is ranked as the 13th most common cancer worldwide. Each year there are more than 370 000 cases of oral cancer worldwide.

Most people who get oral cancer are over the age of 40, although it can happen in young people as well.

Some of the risk factors include the use of tobacco, excessive alcohol usage, UV light exposure, having certain subtypes of HPV. Symptoms of oral cancer could include a sore throat that does not resolve within a few weeks, jaw swelling, difficulty chewing or swallowing, white or red patch on the tongue, gums, or the inside of the cheek, unexplained bleeding in the mouth.

Early detection and treatment can significantly improve outcomes. As such, it is important to not only get regular dental checkups but also to be aware of any unusual changes in your mouth.

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