In the digital era of social media and e-mail communication we still believe that personal touch is very important for building successful business partnerships with our clients. Networking is an essential part of the Pharmaceutical and CRO business; we are grateful for the new connections and delighted to be able to meet with our old friends and dedicated clients.

Our existing partners are already acquainted with the high standards of hospitality and cordiality during investigator meetings organized by GCT. Meanwhile, we keep gradually increasing the number of selected major industry events to participate from year to year and represent the CEE region identity. In H1 2017 GCT has covered geographically, therapeutically and functionally 10+ diverse meetings.

Our team took part in events from US East Coast to China. BD Manager Nataliya Katsnelson was at “Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Coast” and CPHi USA. Regional teams participated in several local events. For instance, Csilla Leka participated in “Clinical Trials in Central and Eastern Europe Forum” in Budapest, Hungary.

We also pay attention to therapeutic diversity to keep in touch with KOLs in Ophthalmology, CNS, Oncology, Gastroenterology and other areas. Traditionally, we helped organizing the “White Nights” Forum in St. Petersburg in May gathering together thousands of ophthalmologists. We also could not disregard the annual ARVO meeting in Baltimore, where Dr. Eugene Selivra, our CEO, had an intense schedule of face-to-face meetings. As a KOL in CNS Dr. Jeffrey T. Apter visited various neurology and psychiatry events such as ADPD 2017 (Vienna, Austria), ISCTM 13th Annual Meeting (Washington, US), IDDST (China). Aleksandr Stiblo, Business Development Associate, joined Gastroforum in Saint-Petersburg.

Our regulatory and legal teams were involved in several round tables and panel discussions. Irina Golovacheva visited the “Drug expertise and registration in the EEU – Reg-Lec-EEU-2017”, Irina Ryzhkova gave speech on the topic of proper site contracting in clinical trials during Oncoforum «White Nights» organized by N. N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology.

We look forward to meet you all in the second half of the year at the upcoming events. To see our schedule, click Upcoming Meeting