February is national cancer prevention month. Its main aim is to draw public attention to the problem of cancer, raise people’s awareness, and call for early diagnosis.

Cancer is a conventional name that unites over a hundred different diseases. They share a common feature — the development of pathologically altered cells. They quickly grow to malignant neoplasms, invade neighboring organs, disrupting their work.

According to statistics, men are more likely to suffer from prostate cancer and cancer of the bronchopulmonary system. Women are more common to have cervical tumors and breast cancer. Therefore, the creation of an effective system of anti-cancer educational and educational work is among the priorities in order to further achieve a level of awareness of the population that allows them to change their attitude to oncological diseases.

The first thing everyone needs to know about oncology is that the main defense against cancer is the human immune system. The higher the immunity, the lower the risk of cell malignancy. It is possible to strengthen the protective barriers of the body by observing the general principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Today, cancer is quite possible to defeat if you consult a doctor in a timely manner. The main goal is to make sure that a person is not left alone with their trouble. It is possible to stop the lethality of this disease only through joint efforts. GCT takes active part in cancer research and drug development. For more information about our experience in oncology trials, please contact us at bd@gctrials.com.