Nataliya Katsnelson

Ms. Nataliya Katsnelson joined GCT Business Development team in early 2014 at an entry-level associate position. Energetic and ambitious, she quickly gained insight into the clinical research field and took on several business development accounts. Besides client relationship management, Nataliya has been actively participating in various concurrent activities: marketing and brand management, project budgeting and proposal development, event planning. Dedication, commitment, and continuous new ideas’ generation resulted in her promotion to the Business Development Manager position by the end of last year.

Nataliya got her Master’s Degree in Public Relations in one of the leading universities St.Petersburg, Russia, and moved to the United States shortly after. Her work background includes sales and event organizing.

Being a Russian born gives her deep understanding and knowledge of systems, approaches, and mentality which influence conducting clinical trials in the region and allows her to act as a competent liaison between Sponsors and local teams.

The biggest reward of being a business development professional is that your job teaches you to perceive each challenge and obstacle as an opportunity instead. Such approach changes your attitude not only at work, but in personal life too. Not to mention that being a part of an international team is a truly remarkable experience itself — it helps me stay open-minded, curious, and willing to learn. For me nothing is more appealing in a job than a chance to grow and develop new skills constantly.

I truly enjoy being a «navigator» that allows the Client to find their way around a broad landscape of clinical trial opportunities that our region brings for each program. With all that being said, the most compelling argument for being a part of GCT team is this: our Clients always come back.

In her free time Nataliya does martial arts and aero yoga, loves to explore wonders of nature taking car trips around the world, and is passionate about classic rock. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and they both are motorcycle enthusiasts.