Recruit your staff in advance

Expansion to new regions and opening new offices bring many new challenges, including the need for rapid growth in employee numbers. The need to hire professional and dedicated staff becomes more urgent than ever.

Hiring in a hurry can result in a few misses. There is a risk of not always getting the best candidate and hiring a less-than-ideal candidate.

Strategic foresight and anticipating potential future needs help GCT executives find the right new people for the team in advance, relying on full-time employees exclusively at all our locations.

To be global you need to think local

We have been on the market for 20 years, growing every year. Each time we added a new country to our operations, we discovered that everything was a little (or a lot!) different there.

To operate successfully in the realm of a foreign legal and healthcare system requires high expertise of our local employees.

However, understanding the new social and cultural context is no less important. Business communications, meetings with clients and interactions with doctors are crucial to succeed in the field of clinical trials. So, being able to adjust to the new norms every time you step foot on the foreign soil is a necessary skill.