Focus on the people, and the company will succeed

How is the company doing with people, processes? It is important to ask these questions to make sure that you are not just fixated on a company or brand development.

GCT provides comprehensive clinical research solutions, and the core services are monitoring and project management for clinical trials. These services are supported by the people, so it is crucial to listen to the feedback of the employees.

GCT team sets aside time regularly to assess and discuss what can be changed or improved. This is an investment in the future of the company. When the team is working properly inside, there is a much higher chance that the outside expectations will be met.

Time is a valuable resource

Time management becomes a crucial skill when running a global company. Many business owners will agree that there are not enough hours
in a day.

Here are two tips that we have found helpful:

  1. Prioritizing. Sometimes the choice is hard. However, it is important to determine what aligns with the company’s long-term strategy and make the decision according to it.
  2. Delegating. Trust the local employees to do the job. Giving them the freedom to make decisions, while providing oversight and support has proven to be the most effective and time-saving method of management.