The clinical trial industry is developing rapidly and also is making great progress towards optimization of data collection and management. GCT is compliant and completely up to date with all of the recent trends. We commit to keeping pace with significant updates in technology and to adapting new e-solutions so we can offer the best quality services to our clients.

The recent report published by Veeva confirms the tendency and presents the data in regard to the unifying of clinical systems. The vast majority of Sponsors and CROs utilize eClinical applications (EDC (88%), eTMF (69%), and CTMS (61%)). While appreciating the convenience these technologies offer, most respondents acknowledge the need to improve and to unify them. According to the survey in the report, some of the major aspects that need further development include new methods of information exchange and the use of CTMS in clinical operations.

More useful data are available in the Veeva report: