Global Clinical Trials is adding yet another COVID-19 clinical trial to its Infectious Disease portfolio. As a part of a multi-national project, GCT will manage the double-blind Phase III study in adult patients with COVID-19 in Russia. After a thorough feasibility analysis, GCT clinical team together with the Sponsor selected the clinical sites with the most enrollment potential.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and the mortality is considerable, the global population is in need of new treatment options to mitigate the virus. The safety and efficacy of the investigated drug has previously been confirmed during the phase II trial. The phase III study aims to further support the product efficacy claims.

The project is currently in the active start-up phase, with regulatory submissions ongoing. All site selection visits have successfully been performed by the GCT clinical team. “Doing our part in helping fight the consequences of the virus is extremely important to us and is the mission of GCT. We are thrilled to be working on another project with our long-term partner,” – said Dr. Jeffrey Apter, GCT President.