In August, GCT’s Quality Assurance team conducted a meticulous audit at a COPD study site, responding to a request from a long-term partner. The objective was to ensure the highest standards of data quality and compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

September witnessed GCT’s QA department undertaking a comprehensive audit for a Breast Cancer Oncology project, focusing on stringent quality measures and adherence to GCP guidelines.

Building on the success of the initial COPD study audit, GCT’s QA team received a repeated request from the long-term partner for another audit in October. This reiterated the partner’s satisfaction with GCT’s detailed approach and commitment to maintaining the integrity of scientific data.

Across all audits, GCT’s QA professionals upheld the highest standards, evaluating adherence to study protocols, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), GCP guidelines, and International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines. Their scrutiny ensured not only data quality but also compliance with applicable Federal and International Regulations.

GCT remains steadfast in its mission to provide top-notch professional quality assurance services, fostering trust with partners. For further information or to request a quote for audits related to sites, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), or vendors, contact GCT at