The 2nd Kiev Clinical Research Forum is a platform that brings together clinical trials professionals from all over the industry. The main topic is about various aspects of conducting clinical studies in Eastern Europe and how they differ from those which are conducted in other regions.

Dr. Jeffrey T. Apter, GCT President is one of the key speakers at the conference. Dr. Apter has been involved in Clinical Research for more than 30 years, and he was the principal investigator for over 300 trials. Dr. Apter will talk about the advantages of conducting clinical studies in the EE region. He will also point out the challenges that Sponsors are likely to face there, and finally will share his professional advice on how to overcome them. Since 2001 GCT has been conducting clinical trials in Eastern Europe and has gathered unique expertise and connections.

GCT is looking forward to taking part in the Forum, renewing old friendships, making new connections with fellow professionals, and sharing our expertise.