GCT’s Senior Director of Business Development, Aleksandr Stiblo engaged in a meeting with a Chinese delegation representing the medical and pharmaceutical industries this week.

The gathering offered networking opportunities and the potential for collaborations with Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Since the establishment of our branch in China, GCT has remained vigilant in staying updated on industry developments and adhering to best practices to ensure the highest quality of our services.

“I am very enthusiastic about meeting C-level executives from top-tier Chinese pharma companies who are interested in the international growth of their products. We had an intensive B2B session with fruitful discussions which we believe will result in definite agreements in the near future”, said Aleksandr.

The expansion not only signifies GCT’s dedication to fostering international partnerships but also underscores its proactive approach to delivering cutting-edge solutions within the dynamic healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. As the company continues to innovate and extend its influence, GCT stands as a beacon of excellence in advancing global healthcare standards.