Since 2017, the Global Clinical Trials (GCT) team has been actively engaged in conducting clinical trials in India. Recognizing the increasing demand for clinical research activities in the region, GCT is proud to announce the expansion of its operations in India.

In response to the growing demand for clinical trials services, GCT-India has augmented its workforce and relocated to a new office space in Mumbai. This strategic move underscores GCT’s commitment to enhancing its presence and capabilities in the Indian market.

The expansion of GCT-India marks a significant milestone in the company’s global growth trajectory. By strengthening its foothold in India, GCT aims to cater to the burgeoning needs of the healthcare sector and contribute to advancing medical research in the region. The enhanced infrastructure and expanded workforce will enable GCT to undertake a broader range of projects and deliver comprehensive clinical trial solutions to its clients.

For inquiries regarding projects in India or to learn more about GCT’s services, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the company via email at GCT remains committed to fostering collaborations and driving innovation in the field of clinical research.