Panorama of Chisinau, capital of Moldova

Growing steadily, GCT has extended its network and strong coverage of the EE region by establishing clinical operations in the Republic of Moldova.

We now offer full support for clinical trials in Moldova, including feasibility, clinical monitoring, project and site management, and regulatory services.


The Republic of Moldova is located in Southeastern Europe and has a population of about 3.5 million. The country offers a variety of clinical trial sites, such as hospitals, universities and private clinics — all authorized to perform clinical research that meets global regulatory requirements. Between 70 to 90 clinical trials are annually approved by the Moldavian Regulatory Authorities.

Moldova has one of the fastest regulatory timelines in the region: approval is granted in just 30 calendar days. Local authorities have adopted EU regulations in strive to align and organize clinical trials that generate data ready for acceptance by the EMA and FDA.

Due to the fast approval, high patient compliance and excellent qualification of Investigators, the Republic of Moldova is set to be a preferred market to perform clinical trials.