We are pleased to announce that GCT’s General Manager in Hungary – Csilla Leka is attending the MAGYOTT conference this week in Budapest, Hungary.

The event is organized by the Hungarian Regulatory Affairs Society (HURAS) in (MAGYOTT) is a pharmaceutical industry society dealing with regulatory issues in the field of human and veterinary medicine (including pharmacovigilance, medical devices, quality assurance). The theme of the event is the challenge and current situation of the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical regulatory environment. Integrating IT and AI technologies into the work of CRO companies can improve the efficiency, accuracy and reduce timeline of clinical trials. This is why currently industry representatives need to be aware of the requirements for the regulatory environment in the field of digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

We invite you to schedule a meeting with Csilla Leka to discuss the possibility of further collaboration in the field of clinical trials. Reach out to us via email at bd@gctrials.com to arrange a meeting.