Yesterday, June 16th, GCT Director of Business Development, Aleksandr Stiblo, took part at the virtual Eurasia Pharmaceutical Forum dedicated to the Clinical Research in the region.

The Forum proved to be a useful platform for the discussion of the changes in the organizational process of clinical trials due to COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, regulatory and industry professionals from leading investigational sites and pharma companies shared their experience in managing COVID clinical trials and trials of other indications during the pandemic. They talked about further implementation of remote SDV and SDR, ePRO and eCOA, home visits, logistics of IMP directly to patients. While the scope of off-site activities are increasing, data protection aspects as well as GDPR for EU companies working in Russia have been also discussed during the 2h session.

This virtual event was a great place for obtaining and sharing insightful up-to-date information, which is absolutely vital to connect with industry colleagues during these unprecedented times.