Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month is celebrated every August in the United States to help prevent vision loss. This month`s goal is to educate people on the importance of taking care of children`s eyes. Eye health and good vision are essential for the early physical and cognitive development of children. As we head into the new school year, it`s critical to think about how you can keep their eyes safe.

Common signs of concern are frequent eye friction, creasing of the eyes, tilting or flipping of the head to observe objects. The child may also close their eyes or you may notice that their eyes are wandering.

On the occasion of Children`s Eye Health and Safety Month, the goal is to educate children about vision problems. Without a clear vision, children often have a hard time learning and playing, both safely and efficiently. This may not only increase the risk of injury, it may also lead to social and educational problems.

Good vision and eye health are especially important for young children’s development, and dealing with vision problems should be a priority for parents, because children are not always able to notice that their eyes are not healthy.

By making eye care a priority, many problems can be corrected unless they are completely avoided. Ophthalmic clinical research has seen a proliferation of exciting advances in recent years. The focus of clinical trials in ophthalmology has now extended to research in gene therapy, immunomodulation, and regenerative medicine. As the interest in clinical research expands, more and more diagnostic and therapeutic options become available to ophthalmic patients.

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