This week the Russian seaside town Gelendzhik welcomes participants at the second annual biotechnology conference BIOTECHMED organized with the assistance of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry for Industry and Trade.
Nanotechnology believed to have characteristics that can eventually drive the Sixth Technological Revolution and drastically change our everyday life. At this early stage, we see many applications of nanotechnology being studied, including those in healthcare industry.
Biomedical technologies are evolving by leaps and bounds around the world and Russia holds great potential to stand among the key players. The biggest topic of this year’s conference is the introduction of the Russian products to the international markets. At the plenary session, the biotechnology and medicine roadmap to 2035 will be discussed.
GCT offers CRO services in Russia since 2001 and has accumulated strong background across the wide range of therapeutic areas. If you plan to participate at BIOTECHMED, we invite you to meet with Aleksandr Stiblo, our Business Development Manager, and discuss your pre-clinical and clinical development plans and the possibility of introducing your products to the foreign markets. Please contact