Anton Romanov

Anton has enormous experience within the company’s operations from the perspective of marketing activities and event organization in Russia. He oversees and plans smaller events, such as Sponsor visits and audits, as well as large scale investigator meetings. For the latter he makes sure that these essential clinical study start-up events are both effective and convenient for the participating medical staff, researchers, coordinators, and Sponsors. Anton has carried out different functions, including general meeting supervision and all necessary travel, accommodation, entertainment, meeting venue, translation, and administrative arrangements.

Anton’s commitment to GCT, his ability to multitask and switch gears at the drop of a hat made him the valued and actually the oldest member of GCT Russian team: he has been with the company from its very inception! In 2006 while already working at GCT for a few years he graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Public Administration.

GCT is moving forward by not just teamwork, but rather a collective passion to excel. The courage to take on ambitious tasks and having the nerve to accomplish them shapes the culture of the company, creating a working environment which is demanding, but very rewarding emotionally.
At GCT I’ve met my best mentors and many of my best friends.

Anton is a creative and energetic event operation manager used to working in fast pace environment. He is the person everybody needs during the day, always ready to assist, able to think outside the box, staying steady on his feet and getting problems resolved in seconds. Anton’s colleagues show special appreciation for the way he organizes New Year corporate parties, making them fun and memorable occasions.

Anton lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, and outside of the office he enjoys spending time with family and friends, history books and participates in wildlife conservation projects. Beside Russian language, he fluently speaks English and Turkish.