American Hearth Month is observed in February. Even though it is often considered to be a condition for the older generation, heart disease could affect people of all ages.

Heart disease occurs when the arteries leading to the heart become clogged. Despite the fact that heart disease has been around for thousands of years, we do know that many aspects of modern life increase the risk factors. Research shows that stress can make it more likely to get heart disease and have a heart attack. Heart disease is now the primary cause of one in four deaths in the United States.

High blood pressure, high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, obesity, a poor diet, and physical inactivity are the main risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

The risk can be reduced by eating a healthy, balanced diet, being more physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, giving up smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, and keeping blood pressure under control. Regular check-ups are also a great way to detect potential risk factors and prevent several heart conditions.

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