Dr. Alexey Vinogradov took up the Project Management position at GCT Russian office in 2014. He swung into action right away, having started work on a crucial local Russian study in CNS area and a multicountry project in gastroenterology involving dozens of sites and aggressive enrollment timelines. After Alexey graduated from Pavlov Medical University with the medical degree, he completed internship in Surgery and then residency in Urology working at one of the Hospitals in St. Petersburg, Russia. His career in Clinical Research field started in one of the mid-sized international CROs. Alexey gradually advanced from CRA to SCRA and Clinical Lead thereafter, bringing his medical background and work experience for the benefit of the projects he was involved in.

Since his assignment as a Project Manager, Alexey has deepened his skills and knowledge related to coordination and control of multicentre clinical studies. His experience covers management of multiple parties working on a time-critical project together: CRO clinical team, data management and statistics team, site administration and investigators, as well as a number of vendors. His therapeutic area expertise is very wide, some of the fields are: neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, oncology, cardiovascular, endocrinology, and reproductive health.

From the day I started my role at GCT I was impressed with the positive attitude of staff members. I immediately appreciated the pleasant atmosphere and identified with the likeminded, driven people, and this hasn’t changed since. GCT is a stimulating environment that enables you to learn and grow in your career, and at the same time supports employees on a global scale. It’s a pleasure to be a part of GCT team at all levels.

Alexey really enjoys spending time at the gym, while the variety of his hobbies also includes numismatics. Although, most of his time he prefers to dedicate to his family and children.