Aleksandr Stiblo joined Kelly Services event in Saint-Petersburg

Last week Aleksandr Stiblo, GCT Business Development Associate, participated in the business breakfast organized by Kelly Services CIS. In the unusually sunny morning in Saint-Petersburg the event gathered industry HR professionals to discuss latest trends and features of pharma job market in Russia. Kelly Services presented results of their recent survey on how much the pharma industry gets more and more popular among job applicants with various backgrounds. Although the workforce supply is growing, HR specialists still observe a lack of qualified specialists and consequently are not always able to find the right candidate within the industry. This case was discussed by Olga Miroshnikova (Geropharm). During the impressive talk about how Sanofi has gradually improved HR image in last several years, Evgeniya Kvashina, senior recruitment expert at Sanofi, described to what extent modern communication channels, especially social media like Facebook and VK enhance the communication between Sanofi and its employees.

GCT is constantly improving HR policies which results into historically low employee turnover. For instance, in 2016 we had a moderate 9% employee turnover rate in comparison with the healthcare industry average soared at 19.9%. Since 2015 GCT team is steadily growing for 3% annually with new members joining us worldwide. With the ability to recruit skilled professionals, GCT provides an experienced, dynamic, and loyal team for the execution of clinical trials.

We look forward for more events to share our corporate story and best practices.