February has been designated as low vision awareness month. This event aims to raise awareness of low vision and the challenges faced by people living with it, as well as highlight the resources and technology available to improve their quality of life.

The human visual system is a very complex organ that allows you to see the world around you in all its variety of colors. When a person is faced with the problem of visual impairment, it disrupts their usual lifestyle and often prevents them from enjoying a full life.

Low vision is a condition in which visual functioning is impaired even after treatment, surgery, or standard optical correction. Its symptoms are blurred vision, tunnel vision, blind spots and other disorders causing significant visual limitations but it does not lead to total blindness. Nowadays, there are many devices that help the visually impaired to solve urgent issues quickly and easily. Such devices include both newfangled gadgets and quite simple familiar things.

Measures to prevent and stop vision lowering include having an eye examination by an ophthalmologist at least once a year.

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