GCT Celebrates 20 Years of Successfully Managing Clinical Trials



Global Clinical Trials, LLC (“GCT”) is a premier contract research organization providing clinical services in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The company is delighted to announce the celebration of 20 years helping small and large pharma, biotech and medical device companies run their clinical studies. In the following months, GCT will be publishing media content, including the stories of GCT employees and empirical lessons that contributed most to the growth of the company and its service offerings.

Founded in 2001, GCT transitioned from a well-known local provider in Central-Eastern Europe, to a global CRO with operations in 11 countries through offices in Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and the U.S. GCT fully supports projects in various therapeutic areas from phase I through IV, providing targeted, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

It has been a fantastic journey since we started literally from the scratch. Our team has grown both professionally and in number, and now we are able to support clinical trials globally. The driving force for all of us has always been changing needs of the customers” – shared GCT President, Dr. Jeff Apter.

During its 20 years on the market, GCT has achieved a number of milestones:

  • Increased the number of full-time employees from <5 to 100+
  • Established 11 clinical offices worldwide
  • Managed clinical trials in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the U.S.
  • Opened internal Data Management, Biostatistics and Medical Writing departments
  • Enhanced the project portfolio with 200+ clinical trials
  • Earned repeat business from the same clients

Eugene Selivra, CEO of GCT said, “GCT’s main objective has always been and remains the patients’ safety and well-being. Our business grew gradually: both by answering new opportunities and demands for particular country or service, and by relaying on the expertise and drive of local professionals pushing to add their countries to the map of clinical trials. After all, behind all our success, stand the people who are talented, passionate, and devoted professionals. Our biggest achievement is the customers’ confidence and trust in GCT. What used to be an idea is now a reality.”

About GCT

Founded in 2001 by Jeffery Apter, MD and Eugene Selivra, MD, GCT is a premium contract-research organization (“CRO”) supporting Phase I-IV clinical studies and post-marketing activities for international and local Big Pharma, small and medium-sized biotech enterprises, groups and funds, as well as large universities and institutions. GCT guarantees a tailored approach for every project and provides its clients with both standalone services as a functional service provider (FSP) and excellent full-service support during study start-up, active project phase and study close-out. GCT stays fully-compliant with the latest GCP, EMA and FDA guidelines, and local regulations. 

GCT to provide regulatory support for Novel Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration Treatment

GCT has been awarded a new regulatory project — an ophthalmological study for a Korean biotechnology company.

A novel wet age-related macular degeneration (Wet-AMD) treatment is to be investigated. The sponsor has requested GCT to provide the regulatory support services for the IND application prior to the clinical trials. 

GCT’s regulatory group will perform the necessary activities to file the IND and proceed with required clinical trials in US and globally.

Wet age-related macular degeneration develops when abnormal blood vessels grow into the macula. The main risk factor for this disease is early vision loss. It’s important to have routine eye exams to identify early signs of macular degeneration.

Nevertheless, the progress does not stand still, and some forward-looking companies are developing treatments for patients with Wet-AMD.

“We appreciate the interest and trust of our clients, especially when it comes to ophthalmological studies, which GCT is very experienced in conducting,” said Eugene Selivra, MD, Chief Executive Officer.

Having conducted ophthalmology trials since early 2000s, both for big pharma and domestic biotech, GCT is well familiar with the key opinion leaders and fastest recruiting clinical sites in this therapeutic area. GCT will apply its expertise to ensure the successful completion of the client’s planned clinical program.

Approval for Endometriosis study in Ukraine obtained

Global Clinical Trials has been recently awarded to run a new project in Women’s Health.

A Phase III double-blind, three-arm superiority study in 200+ subjects with endometriosis will be conducted by GCT in Ukraine. The goal of the study is to assess the efficacy and safety of the Investigational Product (IP) for the treatment of endometriosis in women of reproductive age. 

On March 23rd, 2021, the State Expert Centre of MOH of Ukraine has issued approval to begin the enrollment.

Endometriosis is one of the most common diseases of the female reproductive system; when it occurs, the cells of the endometrium (the layer lining the uterus from the inside) grow outside it. Endometriosis can affect women of any age. It is a long-term condition that can have a significant impact on one’s life. Fourteenthly, nowadays there are a number of treatment options that may help.

“This project is a wonderful opportunity for GCT to use its expertise and to enhance its experience in Women’s Health trials. The team is looking forward to the next milestone,” said Dr. Eugene Selivra, GCT CEO.

Study in COVID-19 Patients to be Conducted by GCT

Global Clinical Trials has been awarded a Phase I study in COVID-19 patients by a U.S. sponsor. Proud to have 80% of the projects as repeat business, GCT is currently collaborating with the sponsor on another clinical trial in the U.S.

The Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) is designed to ease the symptoms and reduce SAR COVID-19 viral load. The study will be performed in 30 patients at 2 sites in the U.S.

GCT is proving full-service support for the trial, including project and site management, medical writing, data management and biostatistics. The team is looking forward to the prompt start of the activities.

GCT partners with Chinese Pharma company to conduct Global Phase III trial in patients with NSCLC

GCT has been awarded the international multicenter phase III clinical trial of a tumor-starving (anti-angiogenic) therapy. The global enrollment target is 608 patients diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. The first patient was randomized by GCT in the U.S. beginning of 2021.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States and worldwide. NSCLC is a group of lung cancers that behave similarly, such as squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma.

GCT has identified and qualified over 100 sites globally. Our regional teams have been initiating start-up activities: while working closely with sites on feasibility, SQVs, and agreements, submission dossiers were completed and submitted to several regulatory authorities’ review last month.

“We are honored to run this project, which we hope will get our client’s product to the very competitive market of biosimilars. We did feasibility in 30+ countries and believe that the selected regions will be able to deliver maximum results within the required timelines”, Eugene Selivra, MD, Chief Executive Officer.

The services are being provided by GCT include ex-US regulatory affairs, IRB and local ethics committee submissions, clinical monitoring, project management, vendor management, safety and pharmacovigilance support, medical monitoring, clinical supply logistics support.

COVID-19 Study in the U.S. Awarded to GCT

Global Clinical Trials has been selected to conduct a Phase I study in COVID-19 patients. The Investigational Medicinal Product is a nasal antiseptic formulation designed to ease the symptoms and reduce SAR COVID-19 viral load. It will be available over the counter for anyone in need.

The project is now in active start up with GCT medical writing team developing the needed documentation. GCT is responsible for the full-service clinical support including project and site management, medical writing, data management and biostatistics.

GCT to collaborate with Greek Pharmaceutical Company in Russia

Recently GCT was awarded a new regulatory project by a Greek Pharmaceutical company. It aims to develop a novel fixed-dose combination of the currently approved active substances doses into an immediate release film-coated tablet. The intended indication is “common cold with fever and nasal congestion”.

It was important to the Sponsor to receive advice from the Russian regulatory authority – Ministry of Health – on the best approach to clinical development. GCT expertise was requested to obtain the regulatory feedback on the clinical studies strategy, and marketing authorization path of the medicinal products in the Russian Federation.

Contact bd@gctrials.com, if you need help with clinical trials and marketing authorization for drugs and medical devices in Russia.


2021 is a very special year for GCT. We have been serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since 2001.

This fall, GCT turns 20!

We are thrilled by the success of our clients and partners, that we achieved together throughout these years.

We grew from the first office in Russia to running 11 operational offices across the globe offering full-service clinical trial solutions in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the USA.

We strongly believe that our employees are the reflection and the main reason behind our success. So, on this special occasion, we would like to celebrate by telling a little bit more about who we are.

Our first employee to participate is Roxana Darie, GCT General director and Director for Legal Affairs.  

  • When did you join GCT and how long have you been at the company? Which office are you located at?

I joined GCT in 2015. I am located in Bucharest, Romania. 

  • Was the job what you expected it would be?

Well, yes! I expected it to be extremely exciting and variate, and it did not disappoint at all. I love working on multiple fronts and being involved in different activities across the departments and work with a lot of people. Keeps one on his/her toes.

  • What’s changed at the company since you’ve joined?

I like to think that the legal department has changed in the EU since I have arrived. I know for sure that the GDPR implementation was a success, as well as the centralization of the legal activities and negotiations. We are also preparing to transition to Voluntary Harmonization Procedure (VHP) to facilitate the application for our global trials, where multiple member states are participating.

  • What is the most important part of the company culture for you? 

Knowing the people behind the positions is extremely important. And I love that at GCT people are well connected.

  • Can you describe an event that was particularly memorable during your career at GCT?

I guess it might have been at the last IM that was done face-to-face, where I met both old colleagues and also new faces and it was as if we knew each other for half our lives. 

  • What have you learned working at GCT?


  • What is different compared to other places you have worked for? 

I found a place where professionalism is amplified by humanity, and passion by know-how. Also, it feels like a family where everyone has their place.

  • From your point of view, what does GCT’s contribution to people’s lives look like? What is the most relevant thing that we do? 

Being able to offer treatments and hope to people by presenting them with the newest technologies and medicines is what is relevant in our line of work.

  • What motivates you to come to work each day?

My team. Be it local, or international, I love to meet with them face-to-face and in video calls, it is always nice to see and hear them.

  • What are some of your favorite activities outside of work? 

I write fantasy novels, for children and not only. I love discovering foreign cultures, going to classical concerts, and would not say no to a hike any given day.

GCT organizes Investigators’ Meeting for medical device study in Romania

GCT started the new year with conducting an Investigators’ Meeting on behalf of the European Sponsor – NanoGun Technology (NGT). NGT is an innovative company certified by the French government in nanomaterial biotechnology. IMDENDRIM is an experimental in situ anticancer treatment of solid tumors nonresponsive to conventional therapy. 

The IM for IMDENDRIM study, which will be performed in Romania in patients with inoperable liver cancers non-responding to standard therapy, was organized to train investigators and their clinical staff on trial related activities, discuss the protocol, study design, standard operating procedures, GCP, GDPR and other topics. The meeting was held online due to travel restrictions. Attendees from France, Germany, Belgium, Romania, and China participated in the meeting, including the Sponsor representatives, Investigator site team and the CRO team.

“IMDENDRIM is an intelligent nanomedicine device that is ideal in situ treatment for inoperable and non-responding to conventional therapy tumor,” – Pr. SADEG Nouredine, PhD, Chairman of NGT.

“GCT has a vast experience in conducting clinical trials in oncology, and this exciting project is an opportunity to enhance it. Our team will be closely working with the study site to meet the recruitment goal, which will allow the Sponsor to continue with the technology registration in the EU and other regions,” – said Dr. Eugene Selivra, GCT CEO.

Within the study, GCT is responsible for the regulatory support, project management, clinical monitoring, medical writing, data management, biostatistics and CSR. In addition to conducting the trial, GCT will be supporting NanoGun Technology (NGT) with gap analyses and registration in the USA, China and the EU.

Study in Primary Mitochondrial Myopathy (PMM) Awarded

GCT has been selected to run a new project in patients diagnosed with PMM by its long-term Client. This Phase 2, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled study will be managed by GCT team in Czech Republic and Hungary. 

Primary Mitochondrial Myopathies are a group of genetic disorders affecting the skeletal muscle. The main symptoms of PMM are muscle fatigue, weakness, and exercise intolerance. The severity of these symptoms varies greatly from one person to another, and always affects the quality of life. It is caused by a mutation in genes of the mitochondria, and is one of the most common metabolic diseases. The new treatment aims to prove its safety and efficacy against the main symptoms of PMM.

GCT is responsible for a wide scope of services ranging from feasibility analysis and regulatory support to monitoring, site contracting and management. The trial is currently in startup in both countries with the sites already selected.

GCT Ukraine is Moving to a Larger Facility

Global Clinical Trials first established its operations and a physical office in Ukraine in 2006. Ever since then, the country has been a highly fruitful addition to the company map. It has facilitated and accelerated enrollment of patients significantly for both local and global clinical trials.

Projects in various indications, including oncology, ophthalmology, CNS and others were successfully carried out during the years of operation in the country. Despite the global pandemic, Ukraine remained the country with much activity in clinical research in year 2020. We launched 2 new gynecology studies in Endometriosis and a Phase II study in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a rare pulmonary indication. GCT team was also awarded a trial in COVID-19 infected patients to contribute to the global search for treatment options.

Among other projects, we are presently in the active start-up phase and opening 25 sites for a large global study in non-small lung cancer patients.

It is our pleasure to announce that we are moving to a new location to create an appropriate environment for our growing operations and headcount in the country.

Please update your records with our new address:

UCT Global, LLC

36а Verkhovynna vul.,

03115, Kyiv, Ukraine

The Holiday Season across the globe. It’s time to take the stock of our achievements!

We have endured unprecedented changes in the way we live, interact with each other, and work. This year more than ever, we are committed to remaining a reliable partner by advancing GCT processes both through traditional approaches and with the introduction of more virtual and remote solutions. As the winter holidays are celebrated all over the world and the New Year is just around the corner, our global team wants to take a moment to say thank you for your support and partnership. It motivates us to carry out our mission. Since the beginning, it has always been our priority making lives healthier. We wish you a warm and happy 2021. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in the upcoming year. Wishing you Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Global Clinical Trials


In 2020 we enhanced the global presence with:

GCT office in Kazakhstan, Almaty
GCT office in Georgia, Tbilisi
GCT office in the Baltic Countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania


In 2020 Global Clinical Trials was awarded new projects in the USA, the EU, India, Asia, Russia, and Ukraine. Our Clients entrusted GCT studies in various therapeutic areas: CNS, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, Rare Diseases, Pulmonary, Women’s Health.

The first local project in the country of Georgia was initiated by GCT in 2020. The observational Phase IV clinical trial in Multiple Sclerosis is a multinational study that was awarded by the US international Big Pharma.

Within the GCT Client base, there are big and medium-size Pharma, Biotech, and Device companies from the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Russia.

In spite of the pandemic, GCT was able to achieve the enrollment goals for all studies this year. Remote monitoring and Investigator’s Meetings were in demand this year and played an important role in assuring the safety of patients, GCT employees, and site staff, as well as data integrity.

We provided the diverse scope of clinical trials services, including project management, site selection and management, full regulatory support in different regions, clinical monitoring, EU Legal representation and GDPR support, Medical Monitoring and Pharmacovigilance, logistics of the IMP, and clinical supplies, vendor management and other. In addition, GCT has implemented a number of patient recruitment tools, as well as provided the solution of local booster visits for Sponsors and CROs that do not have local resources and were restricted with travel.

With the emergence of new projects, we were also delivering on our ongoing projects. It is a pleasure to share with you some milestones that have been achieved during 2020:


Despite all the complexity of 2020, we utilized the opportunities that this year gave us.

GCT managed to attend several face-to-face events before they all got switched to virtual platforms, including SCOPE Summit in Orlando, the 16th Annual Scientific Meeting organized by ISCTM, Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation event, the 13th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease Congress (CTAD).

Our global team shifted to virtual platforms and attended many events and conferences dedicated to innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, CNS area advances, updates in drug development, etc.

In May 2020 GCT participated in the COVID-19 Virtual Partnering Event.

Oleg Kurilov, General Director of GCT in Kazakhstan, attended the Virtual Pharmaceutical Marathon.

Represented by Nataliya Katsnelson, Senior Director of Business Development, and Elizaveta Medvedeva, BD Associate, GCT exhibited at the DIA 2020 global annual meeting.

Aleksandr Stiblo, GCT Director of Business Development participated in meetings, panel discussions, round tables, and keynote presentations at the World Vaccine Congress Europe 2020 and Eurasia Pharmaceutical Forum dedicated to the Clinical Research in the region.

Most recently, Dr. Dmytro Mozhynskyy, General Director of GCT in Ukraine participated in the sixth international scientific conference “Clinical Trials of Drugs in Ukraine”, which was a partially virtual and partially face-to-face meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine

Stay tuned and see what 2021 updates we will share. Global Clinical Trials invites you to follow us on social media:

We look forward to more exciting projects
and fruitful partnerships in 2021.
Happy Holidays!

New Scientific Project in Russia

GCT has been awarded a new multinational scientific project in patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia and other related psychiatric disorders.

There is little knowledge of gene-environment, gene-gene and other relevant causal interactions in the development of schizophrenia. The project aims to identify some of the risk factors predisposing patients, as it is vital for effective prevention and finding a potential cure of schizophrenia.

GCT will manage the whole scope of services for the project including the local biosamples logistics and regulatory support.

Why CNS Clinical Trials are More Successful in Eastern Europe

With more than 19 years of experience in conducting CNS trials, we are now seeing that studies in Eastern Europe are becoming more and more popular among sponsors worldwide.

Aside from cost-effectiveness and high incidence rates in CNS disorders, there is another important factor that makes clinical research in EE even more attractive. It is lower placebo response rates in patients.

Placebo response in CNS trials is substantial and increasing. High placebo response rates have become an important problem, especially in the trials taking place in the USA.

Last year, Intra-Cellular ran two identical studies in Bipolar Depression. The 401 trial was entirely conducted in the U.S. and did not meet the primary endpoints due to the high rate of placebo response. Intra-Cellular announced the positive top-line results with significantly lower placebo response rate for the 404 trial, which was conducted globally with most patients recruited in Eastern Europe.

Another global study in Schizophrenia was conducted by ACADIA Pharmaceuticals and showed consistent improvement in psychotic syndromes. Even though it failed to meet the primary endpoints, the analysis by region showed consistent positive results for the European population including patients from Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Patients’ high placebo response calls the value of many CNS medications into question. Ever since the issue emerged, the sponsors have been in search for methods to mitigate it.

Many of them have found it useful to diversify the trial by adding regions with potentially lower placebo response rates among patients. One of such regions is Eastern Europe, where GCT established full-service operations and have been running clinical trials since 2001.

GCT is your partner in clinical trials in Eastern Europe because it combines global reach with local expertise. Both GCT CEO, Dr. Eugene Selivra and GCT President, Dr. Jeffrey Apter are trained psychiatrists with 50+ years of combined experience in clinical research. Dr. Jeffrey Apter is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in Depression and Alzheimer’s Disease. Moreover, GCT has close ties with the international CNS community and is an expert in the latest innovations in CNS clinical research. 

“AbbVie partnered with Global Clinical Trials in the conduct of Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials in sites across Eastern Europe.  This partnership proved to be invaluable.  Trial results have been published; demonstrating statistical separation of positive control (donepezil) from placebo, low placebo response, and low statistical variability on endpoints, including the primary endpoint,” – George Haig, Pharm.D., former Group Project Leader at AbbVie.

Are you planning a clinical trial in the CNS therapeutic area? Contact our BD team at bd@gctrials.com with any questions or for a free feasibility analysis for your planned clinical program.

GCT to Perform Booster Visits in Russia

The Sponsor is running an international phase III trial in Crohn’s disease. Study recruitment is challenged by initial low incidence of the disease, combined with a big number of competing trials, as well as COVID-19 impact. As an escalation strategy and to reengage sites that are behind on the enrollment, the Sponsor decided to perform booster visits, including on-site visits by GCT team in Russia.

Patient recruitment and retention strategy is a huge part of proactive contingency planning of any the trial. Booster visit is an important component of the planning that allows sites and Sponsors/CROs to get together and develop an action plan to reach the enrollment projections.

We are struggling with patient recruitment in this trial, and under normal circumstances we as a Sponsor make individual visits to each of our sites to boost patient recruitment. Still, the horrid COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us from making individual visits by ourselves, thus forcing us to find alternatives – booster visits made by local CRO. It is the fact that local CROs are more likely to have pre-existing strong relationships with PIs or other personnel who can positively affect patient recruitment. Our aim is to make booster visits to those sites by GCT (with pre-existing relationships and rapport) and to have positive effect in patient recruitment that we are having a hard time with.”

GCT is a full-service clinical research organization operating in Russia since 2001. The company have established strong relationships with PIs and sites countrywide. GCT has scheduled face-to-face meetings with Investigator site teams in Kazan, Irkutsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tomsk and Samara. Moreover, the first visit has already been conducted.

“Nowadays, it has become complicated for Sponsor to closely oversee the process of clinical trials due to travel restrictions. Having a reliable and experienced partner who is able to provide a high-level service and engage the study team is the key to solving this problem” – said Dr. Eugene Selivra, GCT CEO.

Relapsed or Refractory Lymphoma Trial in Russia

Princeton, NJ, USA, Nov 12, 2020

Global Clinical Trials is initiating a Phase I clinical study in Relapsed or Refractory Lymphoma for a US biotechnology company, OncoTartis, Inc.

“I am excited that clinical trials with our promising drug candidate OT-82 will now include several clinical sites in Russia. In preparation for this trial, our team was impressed by the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of people at GCT. I am confident that everything possible will be done to bring our trial to success despite the tough challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic” – Alexander Polinsky, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, OncoTartis.

GCT will be responsible for the local study management throughout all stages of the trial, including start-up activities, regulatory submission to Ministry of Health and Local Ethics Committees, project and site management, clinical monitoring, and the full cycle of the complex study logistics. GCT team will organize the IMP and CTMs import, customs clearance and local distribution to the sites, as well as biosamples export to the central laboratory. The IMP, ancillary supplies, equipment, and biosamples will be stored at GCT depot in Saint-Petersburg under required temperature regimes. In addition, GCT will manage the IMP preparation that must be performed individually before each administration. Our team is looking forward to achieving the first milestone – receiving the regulatory approval.

We would like to thank OncoTartis for entrusting GCT such an important project. Given the limited number of treatment options available for this indication, we are excited to make our own humble contribution to the development of one,“ said Dr. Eugene Selivra, GCT CEO.

Proving clinical research services to pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies for over 19 years, GCT has gained extensive experience in various oncology studies, including multinational projects for European, US and Asian Sponsors.

Endometriosis safety follow-up study in Ukraine

Princeton, NJ, USA, Nov 12, 2020

Global Clinical Trials launches new gynecology study in Ukraine. The project is sponsored by young EU biopharma company focused on research in women’s health.

It is a multicenter, open-label, single-arm Phase III study in 160 patients suffering from endometriosis. The study is designed to assess the safety and efficacy of the Investigational Product and will be conducted at up to 13 sites in Ukraine.

GCT team is providing the local support for the study including regulatory affairs, study and site management, clinical monitoring and logistics of IMP and clinical supplies.

“GCT team appreciates the trust of our partners and the repeat business they bring to us. At this time Ukraine is prepared for new studies more than ever with joint efforts of the regulatory authorities, healthcare professionals, and experts in the field,” – said Dr. Eugene Selivra, GCT CEO.

GCT enhances European presence through a strategic acquisition in Baltic States

Princeton, NJ, USA, Nov 11, 2020

Global Clinical Trials announces the acquisition of a long-time collaborator Larrey Ltd. GCT will now offer in-house regulatory affairs, clinical monitoring, site and project management, IMP and clinical trial materials logistics and other support in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Larrey CRO has been providing clinical research services in the Baltic States since 2011, accumulating excellent knowledge of both local market and international standards of the industry. Sergejus Krachmalis, the founder of Larrey Ltd., is appointed as the Head of GCT Baltic States and Global Clinical Lead.

Sergejus possesses rich experience in the field of clinical trials. Following his graduation from Kaunas Medical University in 2001, he worked as a lector in Vilnius Medical School. After entering clinical research, he got to be involved in all the essential parts of a drug development cycle. Sergejus will bring over 20 years of expertise as a CRA, Project Manager and Global Clinical Operations Lead. He worked with small and top 10 CROs and from the side of the sponsor companies, running regional and global studies, including those involving USA.

“It is a great honor for me to join Global Clinical Trials as Head of Baltic States. Both GCT and Larrey created long-term and fruitful relationships in the industry. I believe our mutual exchange of knowledge, global experience and regional focus will be beneficial for our Clients. It is my pleasure to be representing this region of EU and show opportunities it has to offer.”

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania can provide many valuable advantages to a global clinical trial. Quick clinical trial start-up is governed by the regulatory process similar to that in the EU and takes from 1 to 3 months on average. A significant incidence of oncological, cardiovascular, neurological, endocrinologic, psychiatric diseases ensures fast enrollment and patient retention. Experienced medical staff and good clinical practice (GCP) incorporated into national laws guarantee a standard of clinical research and data integrity. Import licenses are not required for IMP, laboratory kits, medical devices transport within the European Union, which makes logistics easy.

“It is a pleasure to have Sergejus and his company join us. Despite the global pandemic, we at GCT continue to put efforts in our further expansion to the most attractive countries for clinical trials. Sergejus expertise matches perfectly GCT priority therapeutic areas: oncology, genetic and rare disorders, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, reproductive health, and CNS disorders. We are thrilled with Larrey brining three new countries to GCT’s global end-to-end CRO service offerings.” said Dr. Jeffrey Apter, GCT President.

GCT Announces Expansion to the Country of Georgia

Princeton, NJ, USA, Nov 2, 2020

Yesterday Global Clinical Trials, LLC announced the launch of full-service clinical operations in Georgia by opening a new office in Tbilisi. Having successfully conducted clinical trials there, we are now pleased to announce this new corporate milestone: 

“Speaking from our team’s hands-on experience, this country has the potential to offer high-quality resources and competitive enrollment rates in many indications. We are excited to broaden our geographic coverage by adding Georgia to our map of operations, and to start offering it to our clients” – GCT CEO, Dr. Eugene Selivra.

Shota Jibuti, MD is appointed the Managing Director at GCT Georgia. Before entering clinical research, he worked in the Pharmaceutical Activity department of the Ministry of Health of Georgia for over 6 years. He served as an expert, accountable for scientific-technical (pharmacological) and administrative expertise of pharmaceutical products, intended for national registration procedure in Georgia. In addition, he is the author of numerous scientific articles. Later, working at several global CROs, he gained experience in ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology, urology, CNS and gastro-intestinal diseases.

“I am incredibly excited and honored to lead GCT team in Georgia. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to become a member of the hard-working GCT team driven to deliver an outstanding service and exceeding expectations of our clients within the clinical trials in Georgia, as well as globally.”

Georgia has a population of 3.75 million people and is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe on the coast of the Black Sea. Georgia has become an attractive region for clinical trials due to the recent development of the country’s Healthcare System, as well as one of the shortest CTA review timelines within Europe.

In the last 5 years, Georgia has focused on reduction of disease burden and mortality. Currently, there are around 300 clinical centers and hospitals, most of which are located in Tbilisi. In total, Georgia has more than 16 000 hospital beds.

Many local and global companies conduct clinical research in Georgia due to numerous advantages the country has to offer:

  • Full compliance with the ICH – GCP
  • Clear regulatory requirements and a simplified process of documents submission
  • Single license for import and export of the study drug
  • Highest quality of data inspected and accepted by EMA and FDA
  • Quick Start-up. It takes only 2 months to initiate a study
  • Qualified Medical and clinical centers with experience in clinical studies
  • Highly motivated investigators, site teams and patients
  • Recognized International standards for disease treatment and prevention

First Patient In Acute Infection Clinical Trial In Russia

Despite of COVID-19 challenging the routine of clinical trials worldwide, Global Clinical Trials has successfully randomized the first patient into a clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of IP in the sore throat pain relief.

This is a phase IV, multicenter, randomized, non-inferiority trial aiming to enroll over 300 patients globally.

The first patient was enrolled only 4 days after the site activation.

“We are honored to manage this clinical program in Russia and to be able to deliver FPI shortly after site initiation. At the same time, keeping patients, site and GCT staff safe is our ultimate focus. We are hoping the trial will be a success and will improve treatment options for patients in Eastern Europe,” said Eugene Selivra, MD, CEO of Global Clinical Trials.

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GCT is a CRO experienced in performing clinical research in the USA, Europe, Russia and India.

We are a full-service clinical development provider, offering feasibility analysis, regulatory submission, site selection, project management, monitoring, data management, logistics, and more.

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