GCT and ZAK-Pharma Dienstleistung Ges.m.b.H are pleased to announce collaboration on Phase IV study comparing the efficacy and safety of an alcohol-free spray and lozenges in pediatric patients (6-12 years) with sore throat.

Since 2018, GCT has been working closely with ZAK-Pharma Dienstleistung Ges.m.b.H on a study with the same indication but participation of adult patients.

We are carrying out feasibility in Eastern Europe and will offer 15 sites in 3 countries: Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. GCT is responsible for local clinical operations, regulatory services, logistics overview, site management, while ZAK-Pharma Dienstleistung Ges.m.b.H is managing one country in Hungary with 5 sites and the project globally.

“We are on track to reach the first project milestone very soon and we are pleased about our continuous collaboration with ZAK-Pharma Dienstleistung Ges.m.b.H”
Dr. Eugene Selivra, CEO of GCT