Warehouse and logistics services

GCT warehouse is conveniently located in the southern part of St. Petersburg, Russia, in a good transport connection to the airport, rail stations, main highways and the customs terminals.

The list of services is non-exclusive and only serves as a reference, not limiting our flexibility in any way. Please contact our BD department to obtain detailed and personalized information about how we can assist in your project.


  • Drug and SRM import and export
  • Complete regulatory support
  • Logistics and regulatory consulting
  • Short or long term storage, multiple modes
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Destruction
  • Distribution, local logistics
  • Shipments, batch shipments
    Ambient refrigerated or frozen

Warehouse facts

  • Total area is above 400 m2
  • Restricted access
    Located on a restricted-access guarded territory. Alarm system is linked to a private security company licensed to provide security service for controlled substances storage.
  • Disaster prepared:
    • Disaster response plans and procedures in place, all personnel highly trained
    • All critical systems run on UPS
    • Stand-by battery and power generator
    • Reserved climate control systems
    • Reserved communication links, landline and radio
    • SMS and email alarms
    • General security and fire alarm
    • Reinforced steel doors, barred windows
    • Area not subject to flooding
  • Multiple modes of storage:
    • Ambient
      Temperature and humidity monitoring
    • Climate controlled
      Temperature and humidity control and monitoring
    • Refrigerated
      Walk-in refrigerator, separate refrigerator units
    • Frozen
      -30° C and -70° C biomedical freezers
  • Multiple modes of transportation
    Thermoboxes, mobile loggers
  • Packaging/labeling facility
  • Spacious office area
  • Computerized inventory and monitoring systems

Please contact our BD department for more information.


GCT is a CRO experienced in performing clinical research in the USA, Europe, Russia and India.

We are a full-service clinical development provider, offering feasibility analysis, regulatory submission, site selection, project management, monitoring, data management, logistics, and more.

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