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Velislav Zarev, MSc, CRA

Velislav Zarev

Mr. Zarev is one of the newest GCT employees; he smoothly joined our Bulgarian team in 2015. He came to the arena of clinical trials from the field of life sciences, following his pursuit to work in this life changing industry.

His most recent experience as a CRA is in the field of neurology, where he is responsible for investigative sites interactions and clinical monitoring of the data for the Phase III multinational antiepileptic study.

GCT team and Sponsors finds Mr. Zarev an enthusiastic, intelligent and responsive professional, cut out perfectly to work in the challenging clinical research environment. Working as a CRA, he applies his knowledge of the Bulgarian health care system, clinical trial legislation, as well as the common procedures for regulating the development of medicinal products, to ensure that the clinical trial data is accurate and reliable.

It is a privilege to learn from and contribute to the success of a company with vast experience and proven reputation in the field of the clinical trials. I enjoy working with my colleagues who are people with great personalities and ability to deal with each given task with professionalism and responsibility. I am very excited about having the opportunity to work at GCT and look forward to a career in this fast-evolving industry in Bulgaria

Mr. Zarev holds Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Master’s degree in Biology and currently continues his postgraduate education at the Institute of biodiversity and ecosystem research of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. His Doctoral thesis is dedicated to distribution and biology of the fish family Gobiidae in Bulgaria. Velislav has a perfect command of English and speaks basic Russian.

In his spare time he likes to gather with family and friends, learn new skills, read novels and biographies of great men. He also enjoys road cycling and nature photography.