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Dmytro Mnozhynskyy, M.D., Project Manager, General Director, GCT Ukrainian office

Dr. Dmytro Mnozhynskyy serves as a General Director of the Ukrainian office – the second biggest company’s office in the region and is a Project Manager with 13+ years of experience in international studies management.

Dr. Mnozhynskyy has graduated from the Ukrainian National Medical University in 1998 with a medical doctor’s degree. Urologist by training, he came to the clinical trials industry after a couple of years at the Department of Kidney Transplantology at Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of Medical Academy of Science in Kyiv. The following two years Dr. Mnozhynskyy has spent in Germany where he served as a Clinical Project Coordinator at one of the German based CROs. Prior to joining GCT in January 2007, Dr. Mnozhynskyy also held positions of Clinical Research Associate and Clinical Lead at one of the global CROs in Ukraine.

A combination of Dmytro’s experience as a physician and clinical trial research manager in a wide range of projects determines his deep knowledge and understanding of the clinical, medical, regulatory, programme management, safety, and finance aspects of a complicated clinical research field. Due to his outstanding performance and ability to build strong relations with Sponsors and a study team, he has been assigned as a regional Project manager to a multinational study where he is integrating efforts of several project teams and oversees 42 sites across Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and several other countries. His clinical research expertise embraces such therapeutic areas as CNS, urology, oncology, ophthalmology, hematology, autoimmune, reproductive, women’s health, and many more.

In addition to the professional accomplishments, several studies conducted under Dr. Mnozhynskyy project management were the most successful studies GCT conducted recruitment wise.

In nine years since I joined GCT, it’s been great to see that the company brought up an outstanding team of professionals devoted to clinical research, and established unique culture of relationships within the company. Our Team can reach unbelievable milestones within extremely tight timelines delivering the highest quality of work to our customers, and this is due to the enthusiasm and passion that our employees have about their job.

As a general director, Dmytro has created a positive work environment allowing for personal and professional development of his colleagues.
Dmytro enjoys being with his family, visiting historical places in Ukraine and Europe during the weekend and vacation time. He also likes playing tennis and skiing.