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GCT President, Dr. Jeffrey Apter is a keynote speaker at Alzheimersmeet – 2018

We are  pleased to announce that  Dr. Jeffrey T. Apter was invited to be the keynote speaker at Alzheimersmeet – 2018.

The ‘World Congress on Alzheimer’s Research and Therapeutic Advances’ at Hyatt Regency in Dubai, UAE, will be held September 6th and 7th 2018. The main topic of the congress is “A Discussion For Developing Advanced Knowledge on Treatment Mechanisms, Processes and Recovery Methodologies Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease “.

On the Day-1, right after the opening ceremony Dr. Apter is featuring “Current Trends in Disease Modifying/ Preventive Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease”.  He will share valuable insights on the latest techniques how to reduce AD influence and he will raise questions that will lead to fruitful discussion about what the society can expect in the nearest future in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Being a KOL in Alzheimer’s disease with 40+ years of experience, Dr. Apter has

conducted a couple of hundreds CNS clinical trials and he continues to lead cutting edge psychiatric R&D programmes. Dr. Apter is internationally renowned principal investigator in CNS field. He was recently assigned New Jersey Top Doctor Award 2018.

As GCT President and co-founder, for more than 17 years Dr. Apter shares his valuable expertise in the field of CNS to pharma companies struggling to find a cure to Alzheimer’s disease and to complete all stages of clinical trials. This allows to significantly reduce R&D expenditures for our clients and to avoid puzzles during multinational phase II-III key points.

Interested in finding out more? Sign up for a face-to face meeting at

GCT at the 4th St. Petersburg International Oncology Forum “WHITE NIGHTS 2018″

Alina Mitrofanenko, Irina Ryzhkova and Aleksandr Stiblo at White Nights Oncology Forum

4157 participants visited the forum organized by the National Research Institution of Oncology last week to discuss issues of epidemiology, screening and prevention of cancer.

While pharmaceutical companies presented on the latest drugs and formulations, leading investigators were interested to learn more about latest trends in clinical research. Many of PIs that attended the forum have immense experience in clinical research and participated in international multicentre trials manages by GCT. Russian clinical sites are fully equipped and qualified to conduct clinical trials in various oncology indication.

Irina Ryzhkova, Deputy Director Legal Affairs at GCT-Russia spoke on “Protecting Investigators’ Rights” topic, which triggered heated debates among participants at the round-table discussions that followed. Irina identified parties that investigators interact during their work (Sponsors, CROs, sites, patients and regulatory authorities), typical reasons for raising a claim, and the ways how the rights of investigators can be protected.

Certificate of attendance White Nights Oncology Forum

Interested to learn more? Please contact us by

Fourth St. Petersburg International Oncology Forum “WHITE NIGHTS 2018″

Irina Ryzhkova, GCT corporate lawyer, will give a speech on the topic “Protecting Investigators’ Rights” at the Fourth St. Petersburg International Oncology Forum “WHITE NIGHTS 2018.

The Forum will take place in Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia on July 5—8.

This is the one of the largest events in the field of oncology that unites a wide range of specialists from Russia, CIS and far-abroad countries; the main objective of the Forum is to consolidate the forces of the medical community to share the latest professional information in order to improve health care quality and reduce cancer incidence and mortality rates.

Independence day 2018

Happy Independence Day to our US colleagues!

Polina Bushkovskaya Birthday 2018

Today GCT wishes Happy Birthday to beautiful member of our GCT Russia team, Polina Bushkovskaya!

Dear Polina, thank you for the support you provide to all of us! Today is a perfect day to let you know how much we all appreciate you and the work you do. May you succeed in achieving all your dreams. Have a wonderful Birthday!

Irina Golovacheva birthday

We send our warmest birthday greetings to Irina Golovacheva, MD, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Russia! Irina is a very supportive and reliable colleague, so that working with her is always a great pleasure and success no matter how complicated the project is. We wish Irina to enjoy her time with her family today and also all the best in the upcoming year! Happy Birthday!

Vladimir Seredyuk Birthday

Today GCT Quality Assurance Director, Vladimir Seredyuk, MD celebrates his birthday!

Vladimir is goal-oriented, hard working and resourceful person. He is not only a valuable colleague, but a friend whom we can always rely on!

Dear Vladimir, have a perfect birthday, surrounded by loved ones and good cheer!

Chris Matheus attends The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting takes place at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on June 24-28. The meeting gathers together stakeholders from across the world to openly knowledge share, generating insights beyond boundaries to advance innovation in healthcare product development and lifecycle management globally.

Chris Matheus represents GCT experience and full-service capabilities of conducting multinational late-stage clinical trials in European Union, Russia, Ukraine and India.

To set up an introductory meeting, contact


World Blood Donor Day

Every year, on June 14th, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). Blood is an important resource, both for planned treatments and urgent interventions. It can help patients suffering from life-threatening conditions live longer and with a higher quality of life, and supports complex medical and surgical procedures.
This year this day is hosted by Greece, with the theme ‘Blood Connects Us All’ and slogan “Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life”.

Friends Annual Meeting and Picnic at Institute for Advanced Study


On June 7th Institute for Advanced Study held its Annual Meeting for Friend of the Institute. The program included welcoming remarks from Chair Deborah Lunder and Director Robbert Dijkgraaf, and executive committee nominations for the Class of 2021 followed by a festive dinner.

GCT President Dr. Jeffrey Apter and BD Director Nataliya Katsnelson attended the event.


Happy birthday to Nataliya Katsnelson

Nataliya Katsnelson, BD Director, celebrates her Birthday today! Her inspiring personality and brilliant performance set the highest standards of work for the rest of the team. We wish Nataliya to achieve the greatest success at work and enjoy the adventures of the upcoming year!




White Nights XXIV International Ophthalmology Congress 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia

The “White Nights” International Ophthalmology Congress takes place this week, May 28 — June 1, 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is a Russia’s leading event for local, regional, and international Ophthalmology professionals.


Happy Birthday to Olga Alexandrova!

Great beginning of the week! Today GCT sends warm wishes to General Director, Russian office, Olga Alexandrova. Being a leader is challenging and not so easy, but Olga always has our backs and makes the right desisions. Dear Olga, all the team wishes you success and happiness in your life! Happy Birthday!

9th Annual Clinical Trial Summit – 2018

Dr Umakanta Sahoo, Managing Director GCT-India, participated in the 9th Annual Clinical Trial Summit – 2018 held at Kohinoor Continental Hotel, Mumbai. Pharma companies, CROs, SMOs, Institutions and Regulators discussed the current trends in clinical research in India.

Some of the highlights of the meeting:

  • Salient features of the New Drugs & Clinical Trials Rules, 2018:

o    Compensations formula and its implementation
o    Access to investigational drug – post trial and its mechanism
o    Timelines for CT approval
o    Clarification of processes for CT for new Drug, BA BE Trials, Biosimilars / Biologics etc.
o    Empowered EC committee – in approving and deciding on compensation

  • Inspection and quality of clinical trials
  • Risk-based Monitoring requirements for Indian Sponsors and Sites
  • Clinical development of Biologics
  • Evolving partnerships for clinical research

Overall, the regulator’s initiative to promulgate the comprehensive new rule for Clinical Trial was welcomed by one and all. It was perceived that global pharma and clinical research community will appreciate these positive trends and will place more trials in India. India is poised to come back soon and contribute significantly with cost competitiveness, fast enrollment, and thus helping global pharma to market their products in the shortest time possible. It was emphasized that all stakeholders should make efforts to promote the positive trends and get trained to understand the newer regulations for effective and meaningful implementation on the ground.

May is Mental Health Month

Since 1949, Mental Health America and its affiliates have led the observance of Mental Health Month in May, providing resources for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. This year the main theme of the month is Fitness. In honor of Mental Health Month Americans and people around the world are encouraged to take the #4Mind4Body Challenge and share their progress and success via social media. By raising awareness about mental health and taking small steps to improve the “brain-body” connection people make a great contribution to their own and global well-being.

Approval received by GCT for an international Phase III cardiac surgery study

GCT is delighted to announce that the approval for an international double-blind Phase III cardiac surgery study was granted by the Russian Ministry of Health.

We manage the Russian part of the clinical trial that will be performed by a dedicated team of Investigators at the leading Cardiology Institute. Our team is responsible for regulatory, clinical and drug logistics services.



Clinical Trials Day 2018

May 20th is International Clinical Trials Day! We cordially thank clinicians who are dedicated to finding answers to important clinical questions and members of the community who participate in clinical trials!
Portrayed: James Lind (1716 – 1794), a Scottish physician conducted one of the first ever clinical trials.

Meet Dr. Umakanta Sahoo, Managing Director GCT India in Mumbai next week

Kohinoor Continental Hotel, Mumbai invites clinical trial professionals to have a great time networking and expanding knowledge of the latest business models and strategies in the industry at the 9th Annual Clinical Trials Summit.
Contact us at to book a meeting with Dr. Sahoo and discuss current regulations for clinical trials in India, learn how GCT can meet your company’s needs and budget, and develop an effective partnership.

Clinical Trials Awareness Week

Clinical Trials Awareness Week, May 14 – 18, is a perfect time to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of participation in clinical trials. Community unite to recognize clinical trial researchers and Pharma companies who are making innovative treatments available for the patients in need worldwide, but most importantly to honor study volunteers who contribute to public health by taking part in the research.

Participation in a clinical trial gives the patients not only regular and careful doctors’ attention, an access to a treatment that isn’t available yet, but also a great chance to promote research that will save lives in the future.


Dr. Jeffrey Apter represents GCT at the 17th MIXiii BIOMED In Tel Aviv, Israel

GCT President, Dr. Jeffrey T. Apter, will be attending the MIXiii-BIOMED 2018 Conference this week. Please contact to set up a meeting with Dr. Apter to get an exclusive insight in applying next generation methods to clinical trials worldwide.