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Worldwide coverage

Eastern Europe

GCT provides research services in Russia and throughout Eastern Europe through our local offices throughout the region.

Using both office and field based monitors, we have the capability to provide research services in the Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia.

For studies that reach across multiple Eastern European countries we offer the flexibility to provide regional project management to our sponsors that coordinates all activities across all countries associated with the project.

Outside of Eastern Europe, GCT is a founding member of the ResearchPoint Global.

ResearchPoint Global

ResearchPoint Global is a full-service CRO with 22 global offices and clinical coverage in over 60 countries.

With expertise spanning all major therapeutic areas, ResearchPoint Global delivers the unique blend of an experienced team, combined with the creativity, responsiveness, and customer-focus of a highly nimble organization.

Their forward-thinking approach has allowed them to work on a variety of projects ranging from first-in-man compounds to marketed drugs and devices.

ResearchPoint Global specializes in local expertise from countries in Africa, Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, India, and Israel.

ResearchPoint Global web page: